installing the Broadcom Crystalhd pci-e card into an AppleTV

although I don't usually count my chickens before they hatch, a big thanks must go out to scott davilla (and those who have helped him - sorry I don't know who you are) for all the work on the much anticipated broadcom crystalhd libs/drivers for xbmc (and other software I'm lead to believe).

for those of you that aren't aware (which would be strange if you've found this page), take a read of this thread over at the xbmc forums. although at the time of writing this page it's ballooned out to a massive 43 pages, it is quite an interesting read.

basically, this card will allow xbmc to play 1080p content (and all below it) on the AppleTV!

enough of the jibber jabber, here's how to install the card into an AppleTV (I take no responsibility if you follow these instructions and fuck something up)

take one AppleTV

flip it

obligatory photo of the card with a reference object for size

torx 10 bit

peel corner of AppleTV rubber base (this can be done with your finger - run the AppleTV for 5 minutes before hand to heat up the adhesive). remove screws from each corner

lift base of AppleTV open

ooh, she's pretty!

what a cheap floosy! takes off her clothes for any tom, dick or harry!

trusty torx 8 bit

undo the one circled in red and pop out the plastic stand circled in blue

wireless card removed and antenna wires snipped, cover ends in electrical tape and tuck in under copper tape


broadcom crystalhd card in place, waiting patiently for libs/drivers!

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